Welcome to Nordia! We are the marketing consultancy and agency that activates your brand.

A unique model

Nordia is the perfect mix between a strategic consultancy and a digital marketing agency.

We create agile marketing strategies. We ensure that these strategies evolve to meet objectives. We are obsessed with measurement.

A boutique consultancy for big brands

We are driven by a single goal: to help our customers improve their business.

What makes
us different


A unique methodology

We apply agile methodologies to all our projects to ensure that all actions are efficient and measurable against your business objectives.


Distinctive values

As much as we love what we do, what defines us at Nordia is a different way of understanding brands, projects and people.


A team aligned to your objectives

More than twenty years of experience in creative agencies, media agencies and consultancy firms give us a unique perspective on how to approach projects.


We define the levers that will meet your objectives

From the most strategic levels to the last detail. A marketing plan adapted to your reality to guarantee your business objectives.

Ensures that social media meets your strategic objectives. It will give you confidence about the benefits of your actions and their implications. You will also have a measurement system for continuous optimisation.

We optimise your brand’s paid touchpoints to ensure maximum efficiency in achieving your objectives. With REAL transparency and independence.


We amplify your brand with maximum efficiency. Creating unique content for your social networks.

We become your brand’s voice to ensure your social media is aligned with your business objectives. We create and maintain communities loyal to your brand.

We define and activate activities that mobilise your brand. We achieve maximum efficiency of your investments through measurement and optimisation.

and optimisation

We measure every marketing action in detail to guarantee maximum efficiency.

We measure the impact and optimise all of your brand’s touch points for maximum effectiveness in achieving your objectives.

Extensive experience in defining customised KPIs, configuration and management of web analytics projects for all types of sites (ecommerce, communication, etc).

We combine our experience and passion for social media with our obsession for measurement. The perfect mix to take your social media channels to its full potential.

We create measurement systems that allow you to evaluate all the elements that configure your digital ecosystem and establish the relationships between them.

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